Marlene Carroll Couri’s creative career began in the fashion industry, staging and choreographing elaborate fashion shows in New York City and throughout the United States. In 1991, she picked up a paintbrush and found herself enthralled with an unknown talent creating bold iconic images. The subjects of Marlene’s paintings range from historical people, advertising and cartoon characters, to childhood toys. She uniquely interprets almost all of her images to appear as gleaming ceramic forms. Her unexpected color choices of monotone or contrast colors, as well as black and white give the work yet another dimension away from the traditional way we know these familiar figures.

“I paint the illusion of gleaming surfaces in order to ‘encapsulate’ subjects into an object-like appearance. Deliberately emphasizing the ‘outer-shell’ through exaggeration of glistening veneers, I’m intrigued by the effects of light reflecting. The content of my work is meant to either pay homage to positive or innocent idols/ideals.”

Many of Marlene’s paintings and sculptures are in private and corporate collections around the world. She is currently working on expanding her "Larger Than Life" series due to the strong, positive reaction to these paintings and their underlying message of "compassion."

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